Past Winners

2017 Winner: addapptation empowers organizations to build focused, agile Micro Apps that can be integrated with any cloud technology. By using addapptation to simplify their complex systems and processes, our customers get immediate value at a fraction of the cost of supporting legacy systems. Finish projects faster, engage with customers quicker, and grow your business with addapptation.

2016 Winner: ValChoice is the first company to help consumers find insurance that is fairly priced and provides the protection and service promised. With ValChoice’s easy-to-use online service, consumers will know which insurance companies are good and offer the best value, and which companies will likely not protect them when they most need protection. Knowing this information before a claim is filed could save consumers their house, retirement fund, college savings for the children, and more.

We provide this information by analyzing financial and complaint data on insurance companies using our proprietary analytics software engine. We deliver on our mission by providing every consumer in America a free report showing how good their auto and home insurance providers are compared to other insurance companies. This enables them to know if they should switch to another company that offers a better price or that will provide them better protection should they ever need it.

2015 Winner: VidFall’s mission is to help brands acquire new customers and build an audience at lower cost. They provide shoppers with the best deals on the internet through their “Crowd Deals.” A Crowd Deal is an event where shoppers collectively drive down the price of a product by watching relevant, informative, and engaging video content. When the product sells out, the deal is over and the purchasers win the entire group discount. Simultaneously, VidFall gives brands the opportunity to educate the shopper on their product and then inspire purchasing through video content.

2014 Winner: Mobius: Congratulations, Devon Bernard of Mobius for winning the 2014 NH Startup Challenge.  Mobius is a shower head attachment that reduces the average household’s water consumption by utilizing ultra-sonic sensors to detect the distance between the person showering and the nozzle and adjusting the water pressure automatically.  To read the interview with Devon, click here.

2013 Winner: TechLok is a highly innovative mobile security platform that leverages wireless and cloud connectivity, machine learning, and big data to offer an unparalleled level of security against theft and loss for laptops, tablets, smart phones, and their data. Located at the internationally recognized abi Innovation Hub in Manchester, NH, TechLok is the winner of the 2013 MYPN New Hampshire Start Up Challenge and the MassChallenge 2013 Accelerator Program: two of the most prominent startup accelerators promoting high-impact, early-stage ventures. TechLok has five patents pending and a registered trademark.

2012 Winner: GearFreedom is an outdoor sports equipment rental company designed for users looking to participate in outdoor adventures without the need of purchasing, storing and maintaining bulky sporting gear such as kayaks, bikes, or skis. GearFreedom offers a solution for those looking to participate in sporting activities through an online marketplace where local and regional gear rental shops are centralized, making it easy for a user to Research, Reserve and Rent gear. GearFreedom was founded by Mike Veilleux of Manchester, NH.

 2011 Winner: NEARBY Registry is an online e-commerce and gift registry service for local, independently run retail merchants, service providers and nonprofits. Making it possible for your favorite local shops to offer a collaborative gift giving experience! The main goal of NEARBY is to keep money in local economies. NEARBY was founded by Allison Grappone of Concord, NH.

2010 Winner: [email protected] MYPN awarded $25,000 to [email protected] – a concept to help parents use telecommuting technology to spend more time with their children during the work day while still remaining productive employees. It was developed by Melissa Gardner and Katie McQuaid Cote; two parents who experience the guilt and frustration of having full-time jobs outside of the home.

2009 Winner: Float Left Labs & Alternative Fuels and Technologies: In the inaugural year of the Challenge, two $25,000 prizes were awarded to two emerging companies —Float Left Labs, a media house connecting student developers and non-profits, and Alternative Fuels and Technologies, an early stage alternative energy company